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Deborah Liv Johnson

Miki Nagata’s Japanese-style sweets — “mini aquarium jellies” and “koi carp jelly.” Too cute to eat~! ♡

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A Pang is more conspicuous in Spring
In constant with the things that sing
Not Birds entirely — but Minds —
Minute Effulgencies and Winds —
When what they sung for is undone
Who cares about a Blue Bird’s Tune —
Why, Resurrection had to wait
Till they had moved a Stone —
Emily Dickinson, #1530 (1881)





Claricia’s Medieval Selfie

Claricia was a German illuminator who included a self-portrait in a South German psalter produced circa 1200 CE.

In the self-portrait, she depicts herself swinging from the tail of a letter Q with her name inscribed over her head. Her uncovered head, braided hair, and style of dress (close-fitting tunic, long-waisted dress, long flowing sleeves) suggests that she was a lay student at the convent.

That dress looks like an afterthought. She started with legs…


Sebastian discussing the Winter Soldier’s “eyeliner” (x)

keep telling yourself that, baz.

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The transformation - from Bucky Barnes to The Winter Soldier.