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Tiny Aleurina ferruginea

Guvvy’s Lagoon, Chauncy Vale, Tasmania.

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“These delicate glass models reveal a hidden, yet beautiful, microscopic world of fungi. Examining mouldy fruit or rotten vegetables would disgust many people, but Dr. Dillon Weston (1899-1953) made studying fungal diseases of fruit and vegetables a lifetime’s passion. He created these models of the intricate fungi he saw down the microscope using glass rods and a Bunsen burner.”
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Wild Mushrooms on Flickr.

photo by Jean-Luc Elias

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Zombie Fungus!

Ophiocordyceps unilateralis is a fungus that preys on many types of insect.

It manipulates the host’s behavior to climb to a high place where the fungus spores can sift down to infect new hosts. The stalks you see emerging from the insects are parts of the fungus.

An ant infected with this fungus can wipe out its entire colony.  If the other ants know that one of them is infected they will carry the infected individual far away so it can’t explode on the colony.

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Shaggy Mane - Coprinus comatus . on Flickr.

photo by Esa Ervasti

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Hairy Mycena
Macro Mycography by Steve Axfordsteveax1 ] on Flickr
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Closeups of tiny Mycena fungi. This species is (as yet) unidentified and is about 1cm high, though specimens do reach 2-3cm high and up to 4mm across the cap.

The hairs are infertile cells that appear to discourage predation by insects or small animals.

These were found near Booyong in northern NSW and are the first of this group of fungi that have been found in Australia.

Fungi [kingdom] → Basidiomycota [division] → Agaricomycetes [class] →
Agaricales [order] → Mycenaceae [family] → Mycena [genus]

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