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Shaggy Mane - Coprinus comatus . on Flickr.

photo by Esa Ervasti

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Hairy Mycena
Macro Mycography by Steve Axfordsteveax1 ] on Flickr
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Closeups of tiny Mycena fungi. This species is (as yet) unidentified and is about 1cm high, though specimens do reach 2-3cm high and up to 4mm across the cap.

The hairs are infertile cells that appear to discourage predation by insects or small animals.

These were found near Booyong in northern NSW and are the first of this group of fungi that have been found in Australia.

Fungi [kingdom] → Basidiomycota [division] → Agaricomycetes [class] →
Agaricales [order] → Mycenaceae [family] → Mycena [genus]

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Mushroom - Found these on the internet and had to post them. The bottom image shows one rain drop hitting a fungus spore sack and releasing the spores into the air.

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Green banded false turkeytails

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Found some mushrooms today!

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Aspergillus fumigatus

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Rhizopus spp

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Wrinkled peach fungus (Rhodotus palmatus). This cute little guy is saprobic, which means it gets its nutrients from decaying organic materials. It prefers shady areas, and is actually listed as being endangered in Europe. It was one of thirty-five fungal species to gain legal protection in Hungary in 2005, making it a finable offense to pick them.