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This mushroom amazingly opened regardless to the fact that it is fully submerged under rain water. Nature can not be stopped. ♥🍄♥

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Earth tongues

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At Tiputini Biodiversity Station in the Ecuadorian Amazon, August 2013.

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2 hour genesis

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Fungi: The Rotten World About Us (1980)

This is so good, all the 80s sound effects and narration. Please watch this if you have time.

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Mycena galericulata (?) | ©Julia A.

Known as the Common bonnet, the Toque Mycena, or the Rosy-gill fairy helmet, Mycena galericulata is the type species of the genus Mycena (Agaricales - Mycenaceae).

This is one of the larger Mycena species. It is a very common and widely distributed mushroom, found throughout the entire temperate zone of the Northern Hemisphere and it has also been collected in Edo State, Nigeria. In United States Mycena galericulata is found in spring and fall, growing in clusters on hardwood logs and stumps throughout eastern North America and along the West Coast.

Source information.

The photo shown was taken in Seliger lake, Russia.

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